All of these books are for mature readers

How did Sam die?

Samuel Page must figure out how he died before his protector, Death, runs out of bullets!

A young musician, Sam, wakes up at his kitchen table with no memory of what happened to him or who he is. It is vital that Sam learns the truth before Death takes him to the afterlife. Moving on with no memory of your own death will have severe consequences.

Death is forbidden to say too much. Sam must solve this mystery for himself.

As Sam searches for answers, he is pursued by large creatures made of red stone. These relentless creatures have one weakness—Death’s special bullets. With only six bullets in his revolver, Death must make every shot count!

Can the grim gunslinger help Sam recover all of his memories before it is too late?

“My name is Death… and I must take you now.”

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A dark and twisted road trip to a mysterious world called Anyplace Else.

Sometimes cruel, sometimes kind, it is a different road for different people.

Once you enter Anyplace Else, you will be given a new life. However, there is no guarantee your new life will be a better one. If you decide to enter, there is no going back.

On his fifty-fifth birthday, Jim Fletcher decided things had to change. He couldn’t take it anymore. He got in his car and began the arduous journey to his new life. Jim believed that Anyplace Else would grant him everything he was looking for. But Jim was not prepared for what the road was about to show him.

Want a new life? Take a chance. Hit the road.

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A mysterious force has wiped out most of humanity. The remaining population is desperately trying to survive.

The darkness is winning.

Shane and Sally Rogers have lost everyone, all of their friends and family have been wiped out. Now Shane and his ten-year-old daughter, Sally, must wander the perilous wasteland in search of a new home. Their chances of survival are slim.

Bandits, cannibals, and infected mad men. It is not a world for the weak.

Just when all seems lost, Sally discovers that she is no ordinary kid. Something within the little girl activates and she suddenly gains superhuman abilities. Super speed, strength, and durability, just like the heroes she read about in comic books. She is no longer a scared, little mouse.

Fast. Strong. Pretty much invincible!

It is now up to Sally to protect her father in this brutal world. They must keep moving forward. They must find hope.

As the most powerful person in the wasteland, Sally will have many difficult choices to make. Will she make the right ones?

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A collection of The Superior People short stories.

A world of flawed superheroes, super-powered presidents and sadistic villains masquerading as peaceful neighbors. Enter the world of The Superior People!


New Sidekick

I Want Powers

Welcome to the Neighborhood

Meet Your Hero

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